ICD-10 Program Management

Compliance with ICD-10 is a significant effort for all healthcare organizations. The success of your program depends on the readiness of your affiliates, vendors and trading partners to transact with the new ICD-10 codes. You must engage thousands of healthcare providers, vendors, trading partners and clearinghouses to determine their readiness, identify and resolve risks and manage the testing process.

Managing your partners' and affiliates' readiness manually using spreadsheets and e-mail is extraordinarily labor intensive and error prone. These tools simply don’t provide the level of detail needed to run your program effectively. Adding more staff or consultants just adds cost to an approach that doesn’t scale. It is a complex process that requires automation. 

The Leading ICD-10 Solution

Avior developed the ICD-10 Solution Pack as a turnkey system to automate the complex interactions with your affiliates, provider network, vendors and trading partners. The Solution Pack has a library of surveys based on industry best practices to assess readiness and administer scenario and transaction testing. It has an integrated remediation workflow that allows you to track problem areas, risks and key deliverables. Our reporting and analytics engine provides over 30 ready to use reports and dashboards so you can see all aspects of your program status in real time. Built on our BenchMark platform, your program data is stored in a business class database with a full audit trail and extensive analytics. Simple configuration parameters make the web interface look like your brand. 

 We have developed the necessary content to address the unique needs of both payers and providers.  The issue for payer is the size of their provider networks.  Assessing status, monitoring readiness and managing the process for scenario based testing and transaction testing are supported by the ICD-10 Solution Pack for Health Plans.  Providers’ challenges are similar in that there are a number of outside organizations that you need to interact with including vendors, trading partners and payers.  In addition, providers need to manage internal readiness at the facility, department and staff levels.  Forward thinking organizations will work closely with their physicians to ensure that disruption will be minimized.  All of this can be automated with the ICD-10 Solution Pack for Providers.

Control Costs While Getting Better Information

With Avior’s ICD-10 Solution Pack, healthcare organizations significantly reduce program costs. Our customers consistently tell us they use the Avior Solution Pack because they need their people focused on finding and fixing problems, not entering data. Equally important, our customers have access to the information they need to run their programs. They can see where the problems are, track risks and dependencies and more effectively run testing programs. Finally, you can help your providers by giving them concrete feedback through customized reports.

Avior’s customers save money by reducing labor, eliminating errors from manual processes, and are achieving results in less than 30 days.

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The ICD-10 Challenge

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Jeff Schwartz, Avior's VP of Services, discusses how payers can prepare for ICD-10 testing with their providers

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