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Find the weak link in your third party risk

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Will your FCPA program keep your company out of the headlines?

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Do you use 80's technology to solve 21st century supplemental data challenges?

FCPA and Anti-Bribery Resources

FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report podcast by Tom Fox:

Risk management and analytics to automate best practices in FCPA


Tom Fox, award winning author and expert practitioner in FCPA, discusses key topics with Avior’s CEO and applied analytics expert Steve McCalmont. Specific areas of discussion in this 20 minute podcast episode include:

  • How analytics can automate and perform the heavy lifting of a compliance/FCPA program
  • Which two areas analytics help the most
  • How best practice models, such as Tom Foxes decades of experience can be embedded into the automated analytics for risk-based compliance
  • Why dynamic mapping of polices and regulations at the control level is so critical to compliance program performance
  • How spread sheets are failing to deliver quality results in compliance, and how automation can help “find the needle in the hay stack” through easy to use dashboards
  • Real world examples of how compliance analytics have delivered business value to improve the overall performance of an organization

These insights are important to anyone responsible for managing a corporate FCPA or third party risk program.