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Is your provider network costing you money in Medicare Advantage bonuses?

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Are you in control of your supply chain risks?

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Will your FCPA program keep your company out of the headlines?

Medicare Advantage Star Rating Resources

Our Star Rating Webinar Series


5 Lessons from the Latest CMS Star Ratings


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In October, CMS released the Star Ratings which includes an enormous amount of data about the performance of all MA contracts.  Avior has combined this data with enrollment data and done an extensive analysis.  We want to share 5 critical lessons from this analysis:

  • Why one metric can tell you how well your providers can code
  • Which key metrics can be your canary in the coal mine
  • What enrollment trends tell us about how consumers view quality
  • How much of your rating is based on your location
  • How to compare your results to your competitors

These insights are important to anyone responsible for managing a plan's MA star rating. Join us for this 30 minute overview of our findings


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Avior on Star Ratings on


Hugh Kelly, Avior's VP of Marketing, discusses the rationale for provider engagement in MA and reviews the criteria for success in these four short short videos