ICD-10 Program Director

With deadlines for compliance fast approaching, ICD-10 compliance program managers must manage a myriad of tasks associated with achieving ICD-10 compliance spanning most areas of the business.  Spreadsheets can’t support the complex environment that depends on secure communication with your providers.  The bottom line is that you must ensure that your providers and trading partners are ready to transact with the new ICD-10 codes by the deadline.

There are significant revenue implications for organizations that fail to meet ICD-10 deadlines.  Organizations that fail to achieve ICD-10 compliance by the October 1, 2014 deadline can face potential revenue shortfalls due to the inability to process the new ICD-10 codes.  This may have a number of adverse operational challenges for payers ranging from manual processing to increased call center traffic and costs.

Every industry survey clearly shows that providers are behind in preparing for ICD-10.  It is imperative that payers know where they stand by accurately identifying their risk based on how your network is preparing.  This will allow you to better manage your program while using hard data to build out all of your remaining work from testing to contingency planning.

Given the broad scope of ICD-10 implementation programs, there are opportunities to achieve business process improvements with ICD-10 implementations.  Many leading organizations are also seeing possibilities to reuse some of the efforts from ICD-10, in particular around business partner assessments, to drive better risk awareness and manage provider engagement on an ongoing basis.

How We Help

Avior BenchMark has emerged as the preferred platform to manage the complex provider interactions required to comply with all ICD-10 Readiness and Testing.  Our on-demand web based service enables health plans to cut costs and increase the effectiveness of their ICD-10 programs.  The ICD-10 Solution Pack has everything you need to build your provider database, assess risk and readiness and prioritize and coordinate your testing process. Because we already have everything you need, you can get started in less than 30 days, control your costs and have unprecedented visibility into your program and process.

  • Build your database of providers and assess their readiness for testing
  • Identify, manage and remediate your program risks
  • Manage the end to end claims testing process and administer your scenario based testing




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The ICD-10 Challenge

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Jeff Schwartz, Avior's VP of Services, discusses how payers can prepare for ICD-10 testing with their providers

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