Avior Announces New Customer for Healthcare Privacy Impact Module

New offering helps customers reduce the cost of risk and compliance management for suppliers and other partners

NASHUA, NH, December 15, 2013 – Avior Computing Corporation announced today the first customer of a new module aimed at helping life sciences and healthcare customers better manage their obligations and risks under a range of privacy laws ranging from HIPAA to the European Directive. 

“Avior’s new module allows our customers to perform detailed privacy impact assessments down to the level of programs or projects and then provide detailed feedback on their responsibilities under a wide range of laws.” said Steve McCalmont, CEO.  “This customer is one of the leading healthcare suppliers and one of the primary goals of their compliance program is to instill awareness in their leadership and employees of their obligations.  This module fits perfectly with this goal and demonstrates how to improve compliance while reducing costs.”

The service uses the business logic built into Avior’s Dynamic Compliance Matrix (DCM) which has preloaded mappings and content of all the regulations, standards and policies needed for privacy programs in Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Financial organizations.  The assessment module assesses departments, programs projects and suppliers to determine the scope of their activities as they relate to privacy issues.  Privacy officers can build in specific guidance for their organizations and the system provides automatic feedback reports.  The SaaS platform provides complete reporting and audit trail.

“By automating the feedback process, the privacy professionals can ensure that all parties fully understand their responsibilities with instructions specific to their roles.” commented McCalmont.

About Avior Computing

 Founded by industry veterans, Avior Computing is a leader in automated risk and compliance management. Avior’s solutions automate the entire lifecycle of governance, risk, and compliance. Avior BenchMark eases the burden of managing compliance by mapping regulations and controls to web based assessments with complete process management for remediation. Our BenchMark Solution Packs provide rapid implementation and fast time-to-value to manage a wide range of compliance programs for globally regulated industries.
For more information, please visit www.avior.com.


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