Latest upgrade provides significant assessment creation, workflow, and reporting improvements and dramatically better time-to-value


NASHUA, N.H., September 13, 2011  – Avior Computing Corporation, a leader in automated risk and compliance management, announced today the immediate availability of a new version of Avior BenchMark, the company's flagship compliance automation solution offering dramatic improvements in user experience and customization capability.


The new upgrade eliminates the restrictions in the forms-based approach used in earlier versions, lays the architectural foundation for easy customization and efficient addition of new features, and allows the system to gather data from external applications via an automated data interchange.


Avior BenchMark v6 introduces the following new and enhanced features:

  • User-based approach, enabling dynamic roles and greater flexibility in workflows, along with customizable system password rules to enhance security. Access control has been improved to ensure security of the system and support the expanded user roles.
  • New dynamic roles and associated workflows, for requesters, responders, departments and vendors/affiliates.
  • Enhanced assessment creation and delegation. Assessments are now assignable to individual users by the a) entire assessment, b) section, c) subsection, or d) single question by the responding organization’s administrative user. In addition, Jump/Skip Logic is now supported, allowing the assessment designer to permit the responder to skip a section if it does not apply without affecting scoring of the assessment. Assessments now allow the responder to submit multiple attachments while maintaining an audit trail.  This facilitates compliance management for more complex environments.
  • More flexible workflow capabilities. Customers can now separate assessments in development from those in production. Avior BenchMark v6 adds a Task List for each user as part of a user-centric view that facilitates workflow. The upgrade supports the concept of a project as part of the workflow, and adds complete reviewer functionality to any assessment. The concept of tasks has been added to allow customers to manage any outstanding problems such as a late assessment or incomplete documentation. The new version also improves remediation workflow that includes automatically generating tasks based on failure to perform actions (such as a missed deadline for an assessment), creation of tasks based on a review or audit and assignment of tasks to users.  This facilitates a dialog between the requesting and responding organizations.
  • Enhanced data model. The Avior BenchMark data model now supports unlimited Custom Fields for Organization, User and Remediation.  This is useful in sorting and organizing data as well as proving the ability to prioritize work based on the relative importance of responding organizations. Email notifications are now customizable with 15 email templates available standard in the system to assist in creating the correct instructions and constructive interaction with your responding organizations. Customers may customizable role-specific welcome screens which help with defining requests, addressing legal requirements or other notifications to responding organizations.
  • Reports and Dashboards. Avior BenchMark v6 supports a new report library organization which is helpful given the ability to support a larger number of assessments assigned to various projects.


More information on the Avior BenchMark v6 solutions may be obtained here: http://www.aviorcomputing.com/solutions/benchmark.


Ted Marsh, CTO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, said, “As a major health plan provider, we needed to understand the risks as well as the opportunities of working with every partner within our ‘ecosystem.’  Avior BenchMark v6 enabled us to get a tight handle on vendor risk management issues in less than 30 days. Its visibility, reporting and analysis features, combined with the ability to manage the assessment and remediation process and risk weighting and scoring assessments truly make BenchMark v6 outshine competing products on the market today.”


“Avior’s customers in healthcare, life sciences, and the financial sector have brought us great suggestions to improve their ability to develop and field assessments, and manage compliance programs,” said Steve McCalmont, Avior Computing CEO. “Our clients and prospects tell us that the improvements in Avior BenchMark v6, along with the continued evolution of our pre-built assessments, will provide order of magnitude improvements over competing compliance systems in terms of time-to-value and ROI.”


About Avior Computing

Founded by industry veterans, Avior Computing is a leader in automated risk and compliance management. Avior’s solutions automate the entire lifecycle of governance, risk, and compliance. Avior BenchMark eases the burden of managing compliance by mapping regulations and controls to web based assessments with complete process management for remediation. Our BenchMark Solution Packs provide rapid implementation and fast time-to-value to manage focused compliance programs such as HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10.
For more information, please visit www.aviorcomputing.com.


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