Avior Announces Award of Process Patent for Multiple Compliance Programs

Significant breakthrough in efficiently managing compliance and quality programs

Enables categorizing multiple compliance and care-quality initiatives into Discreet Compliance Objectives (DCOs) for greater automation and better analytics

NASHUA, NH, November 10, 2014 – Avior Computing Corporation, a leader in compliance and care-quality software, announced today that the U.S. Patent Office has issued the company a patent that covers the monitoring and managing compliance and quality initiatives for regulated industries.

The process patent, U.S. Pat. No. 8,818,837 B2, covers methods to automatically and dynamically map controls across multiple best practice models, regulations, policies and other authoritative sources in the Avior Dynamic Compliance Matrix (DCM), an electronic source library. By categorizing compliance areas using the patented Discreet Compliance Objectives (DCOs), users can leverage a single set of metrics or assessments to comply across many quality or compliance initiatives. Additionally, DCOs facilitate analytics that show organizations high risk areas and gaps in coverage based on the DCM.

"This patent has significant impact on all regulated and quality focused industries. In healthcare, as an example, multiple care-quality initiatives can be covered from a single assessment method or set of metrics, such as HEDIS. However, this applies to any regulated industry since professionals are bombarded with too numerous compliance programs," said Steve McCalmont, CEO, Avior Computing.

Cost and care-quality are of utmost importance in today's healthcare industry. This patent covers the process so that companies automatically leverage a set of metrics or data and comply-to-many initiatives. Avior can dramatically reduce the workload while increasing quality and compliance.

Avior's health plan customers engage their over 375,000 providers on many quality initiatives from Medicare Advantage to Medicaid and ACOs. Because of the technology in this patent, already integrated in Avior's BenchMark platform, providers have to respond only once to address all quality initiatives instead of being ask to respond to each individually. This lowers the cost of compliance, reduces provider abrasion and increases quality significantly.

"Patents of this type and scope are often difficult to have awarded. The issuance of this patent is a testament to the novelty and utility of the Avior technology for resolving a complex array of data in accordance with multiple rule sets," said Vern Maine, a patent attorney at Maine Cernota & Rardin.

Avior focuses on the healthcare sector but has implementations of this technology in other applications such as world-wide privacy, vendor risk and FCPA.

About Avior Computing

Founded by industry veterans, Avior Computing is a leader in analytics for compliance and care-quality. Avior's solutions automate the entire lifecycle of governance, risk, and compliance. Avior BenchMark eases the burden of managing compliance by mapping regulations and controls to web based assessments with complete process management for remediation. Our BenchMark Solution Packs provide rapid implementation and fast time-to-value to manage a wide range of compliance programs for healthcare and other regulated industries.

For more information, please visit www.avior.com.

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