About Our Name

Avior is a very bright southern star. Its brightness is on par with many of the other prominent navigation stars such as Polaris, Sirius and Orion. It was not well recognized until mariners started to explore south toward the equator. Avior's southern position makes it visible only in the southern hemisphere or close to the equator. Once early explorers adventured toward the southern latitudes, Avior's fame as an excellent navigation star matched the intensity of its light in the night sky.

Popularity of the star became more prominent as the early European explorers started navigating the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Its declination (degrees from overhead the equator) is a -59 ° . This means it is above a point two-thirds of the way from the equator to the South Pole. In North America, Avior is only visible in places far south such as the Florida Keys.

Mythology puts Avior in the constellation Epsilon Carnia-Argo Navis or the constellation of the great ship Argo Navis. The Egyptians viewed this ship as the one that carried Isis and Osiris over the deluge. Hindus said it performed the same role for Isi and Iswara. Biblical tales show this constellation representing Noah's Ark.

Avior's position in the ship is the mast holder in the keel of the vessel. The mast holder in the keel is potentially the strongest area of a sailing vessel. In this position, Avior is believed to symbolize prosperity in trade and voyages. Additionally, it is said to represent strength of mind and spirit. We feel these are wonderful traits to live up to from our namesake. May you have safe and prosperous journeys.

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