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Avior exhibits at various trade shows and conferences.  Our subject matter experts occasionally writes articles for various publications.  We host a series of webinars on key topics and invite leading experts to offer their perspectives.  We even have our own YouTube channel.  We welcome you to connect with us though any of these.

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5 Lessons from the Latest CMS Star Ratings

In October, CMS released the Star Ratings which includes an enormous amount of data about the performance of all MA contracts. Avior has combined this data with enrollment data and done an extensive analysis.


We want to share 5 critical lessons from this analysis:

  • Why one metric can tell you how well your providers can code
  • Which key metrics can be your canary in the coal mine
  • What enrollment trends tell us about how consumers view quality
  • How much of your rating is based on your location
  • How to compare your results to your competitors

These insights are important to anyone responsible for managing a plan's MA star rating. Join us for this 30 minute overview of our findings

Did you miss our most recent webinars on Using Provider Engagement to Improve Your Star Rating? Watch the replay here.


A Practitioner's View Of Supply Chain Risk Management

Featured Speaker:

William McLaury
Global Head, Pharma Supply Chain Strategy
Novartis Pharmaceuticals


Latest press releases

4 January 2016

Avior Releases New Whitepaper


27 April 2015

CEO CFO Magazine: Health Care Analytics to Improve Care Quality and Performance for Value-Based Reimbursement


10 November 2014

Avior Announces Award of Process Patent for Multiple Compliance Programs


14 March 2014 

Avior Announces Star Rating Module


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Avior CEO, Steve McCalmont, discusses the challenges facing health plans when working with providers in this installment of the Healthcare Insights Podcast.


Seven health IT questions to improve pay for performance

Avior's CEO discusses the changing nature of payer-provider interactions and how pay-for-performance is completely changing the way payers and health provider networks must work together.


Risk and Compliance Management:  A Painful Process Improving with Automation


The Invisible Hand and ICD-10

How Donald Rumsfeld Can Help Us With ICD-10 Readiness

The Race to ICD-10



Choosing a Compliance as a Service Vendor



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